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Adopt-a-Cop.org: Praying for Local Police Officers

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Families And Individuals Register To Pray Daily For A Particular Officer In Harm’s Way

The perception could be that law enforcement officers are despised and mistrusted, until they are needed. However, an organization is committed to change that perception. Adopt-a-Cop.org is a frontline, battlefield ministry that matches praying individuals and families with local police officers. People pray for protection for those in harm’s way and communicate with their officer through encouraging emails and notes.

“The average person may think there is nothing they can do, that there is no way to stop this kind of senseless disregard for the men and women who lay down their lives to keep the rest of us safe,” said Pastor Clif Cummings of Sugar Creek Baptist Church, director of the Adopt-a-Cop program. “But everyday people have a secret weapon to fight this violence against police. It’s called prayer.”

The Houston-area Adopt-a-Cop ministry launched at Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land in May 2014. Already more than 250 individuals and family groups have committed to pray for a specific law enforcement officer on a daily basis.

August 2015 was one of two months this year with 14 total line-of-duty deaths of law enforcement officers nationwide, the second highest monthly toll in 2015. Of those deaths, six were the result of felonious gunfire, two resulted from fatal heart attacks and the remaining six were vehicular-related.

Adopt-a-Cop was initiated by Chaplain Sgt. Ken Rochell of Michigan State Police in 1998. The ministry was created to serve as a bridge between local churches and their local law enforcement agencies.

“As a Christian officer, I feel it has been the prayers of my family and friends that have kept me safe not only physically but emotionally,” said Rochell. “Those prayers have also given me a heart for the people I have sworn to protect and serve. It is comforting to know that I have people who are praying for me and my family every day I go out on the road.”

Larry Rothman, one of several founders who came up with the idea a few years ago, thinks prayer can change hearts. “I fully believe in the power of prayer. I thought what if every trooper was being prayed for? What if those prayers melted their hearts and gave them a heart for the people they choose to serve and protect?”

“There are many examples of that happening on both sides of these prayers. It impacts those who pray and those who are prayed for,” according to Cummings. “Praying protection for those who serve and protect is just common sense and decency, which we need more of these days.”

More information is available online at adopt-a-cop.org. Individuals and churches can volunteer to participate and adopt a cop. Law enforcement professionals also can register to be prayed for.

Pastor Clif Cummings is director of the Adopt-a-Cop ministry at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

Pastor Clif Cummings is director of the Adopt-a-Cop ministry at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.

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