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Bathroom Renaissance, Add pizzazz and personal style with decorative fixtures

Many homeowners are turning master bedrooms into relaxing retreats with wall-installed sinks, comfortable furniture and views of the outdoors. Photo courtesy of LAUFEN Pro.

Turning water on has never been so fun! The latest bathroom faucet designs offer many choices among modern, Asian-inspired, transitional, traditional and creative styles. You can save water and create a special mood just by changing out the fixtures in your bathroom — and, they won’t make you feel like you’re washing your hands under a trickle.

Today’s homeowner wants a bathroom that is comfortable, stylish and personal. Many homeowners with enough space are converting their master bathrooms into retreats — with recliners, saunas and decorative furniture.

New trends no longer include the standard fixtures found in most homes, but instead, feature beautiful and modern fixtures that stand out and create a personal space. Faucets that resemble waterfalls and multi-shower heads are just some of the things people want in bathroom fixtures these days.

Faucets that save water are growing in popularity as manufacturers respond to the EPA’s WaterSense program, which certifies products that meet water-saving standards. The right faucet can also help create a mood, a necessity if you’re designing a peaceful retreat. You’ll see an Asian influence in streamlined, modern faucets. But, manufacturers are also giving traditional faucets a little pizzazz. “The Asian influence is popular because [Asians] are such admirers of water — their culture celebrates water,” says Judy Riley, vice president of design at Moen.

As for finishes, brass is still popular but without the shine. Oil-rubbed bronze is big, and chrome is making a comeback in more modern designs. Aged pewter is also popular. You can accessorize your bathroom to make it more enjoyable with fixtures that have wow power. “The faucets can become like jewelry for your kitchen and bath — the finishing touch,” Riley says.

When it comes time to choose your new faucets, be sure that the finish appeals to your senses. If you prefer smooth or shiny, you may want to choose a chrome finish, or for a more textured feel, an oil-rubbed faucet would work better. If water spots make you crazy then go with a matte finish. Brass, copper, chrome, nickel, gold-plated, oil-rubbed metals, matte or shiny-finish fixtures are available in all price ranges. But remember, you will live with your bathroom fixtures for many years. It’s worth it to spend the extra money for a product that will outlast and outperform a basic chrome faucet.

Aside from the finish, you’ll also want to consider the style and design of your new faucet. If you’re looking for an Old World or rustic look, go with an oil-rubbed finish. For a richer, more elegant look, nickel provides a nice touch. Many homeowners choose to play it safe when it comes to fixtures, opting for whites or neutrals. But if you fall in love with colored fixtures, follow your instincts. You will be happier in the long run.

Choosing dramatic faucets is one way to add color and interest to a room. “Another hot trend in fixtures is above-counter sinks that serve as a sink as well as displayed art,” says Gray Uhl, director of design at American Standard. Take into consideration the shape of your lavatory and the look and color of your countertop, light fixtures and cabinetry to ensure that your new faucet complements the entire room. And shop around; almost every faucet manufacturer offers a wide range of collections for the bath.

By Sandra Meineke

This design-winning bathroom displays some of the modern features desired by homeowners – a walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and surface-mount sinks with pedestal faucets used as art to complement the room decor. Photo courtesy of KBIS.

ZOLI sinks have a distinctly aesthetic appeal, balanced proportions, contrasting textures and harmonious combinations that become the centerpiece in rooms that are often utilitarian. Photo courtesy of ZOLI.

The Flower Faucet created for Hego Water Design sits on a washbasin like a regular faucet and is made entirely from glass. When the faucet is turned on, water floods into the vase from the base filling the vase to the top. As the water level reaches the top, water flows out of the spout into the washbasin. Photo courtesy of Hego Water Design.

Pottery Barn’s Newport Single-Sink Console with Roaring Twenties faucet and granite countertop combines vintage charm with modern-day functionality. Photo courtesy of designerpages.com.

A free-standing futuristic sink and decorative sculpture ware define this ultra modern powder room. Photo courtesy of KBIS.

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