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Book Reviews June 2015

being with maybe this is what life is about


Authentic personal relationships in life are essential to our well-being. In Robert R. Ball’s new book, Being With: Maybe This Is What Life Is All About, he reveals the profound meanings contained within the simple phrase “being with.” On the basis of both modern psychology and extensive Biblical references, this little phrase points to and expresses the fullest realization of our authentic humanity and our most compelling hopes and dreams.


Homes-Houseplants As Decor


Indoor plants play a large role in the design and feel of a space. And for anyone without a yard or other outdoor space, indoor plants are a way to stay connected to nature. Living with indoor plants is a way to create a more calming and natural environment in your home or workplace, which can be beneficial to your mind-set, health and overall well-being. From the owners of the successful and stylish Sprout Home gardening stores comes Rooted in Design, a full-color guide that focuses on the joy of choosing, caring for and displaying indoor plants.


bragging rights


With a self-described dual citizenship in both Houston and Dallas, and a son in each, Carolyn Kneese set out to determine the basis of the age-old rivalry between Texas’ two biggest cities. What is it about each place that makes its citizens so proud? In Bragging Rights, she teamed up with Lynn Ashby and John DeMers, respected journalists who have worked both towns, and surveyed the people who make each town great. What emerges is a celebration of the similarities and differences between Houston and Dallas in the voices of
its people.




Plenish: Juices to Boost, Cleanse & Heal by Karen Rosen is a collection of juice recipes and cleanse programs for detox, well-being and vitality. Because you are what you eat, consuming fresh, raw juices is a delicious way to flood your body with nutrients, cleanse your system and cure your ills. Plenish shows you how to make over 50 expertly formulated juice blends that help detox, heal your body
naturally, fuel your system, fight disease, promote mind and body wellness and lose weight in the process.


Preservation Society home preserves


Preservation Society founder and recipe book author Camilla Wynne offers 100 modern recipes in her new book Preservation Society Home Preserves. With recipes for preserves that are amusing, creative and simply mouth-watering, her experience of working with some of the top chefs in the industry is reflected in these pages.Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll be comfortable making these recipes, which feature reliable, easy-to-follow, up-to-date preserving instructions, information and full color images.


colorful stitchery


In Colorful Stichery: 65 Embroidery Projects to Personalize Your Home, Kristen Nicholas gives inspiration and encouragement to add exuberance to every room in the house. Nicholas’ collection opens with pillow covers in dancing colors on unexpected patterns and fabrics, such as stripes and plaids, velvets and corduroys. For kitchens, she offers a joyfully polka-dotted tea cozy or jewel-bright, purchased napkins and tablecloth creatively stitched with floral motifs. Many projects feature fabrics from flea markets and thrift shops, with complete how-tos for every design.




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