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Book Reviews March 2016

 Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom


Part of the reason a whole new generation of weavers now love the craft is due to an affordable, space-efficient tabletop loom known as a rigid-heddle loom. Capable of making practical items as well as wearable art, this is the perfect loom for both beginner and experienced weavers. Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom, by Syne Mitchell, explores the full potential of the loom with a broad array of techniques and projects. Step-by-step photos lead readers through the warping and setup process and through various projects, including laces, tapestry and pillows.


 the complete brain exercise book


The Complete Brain Exercise Book, by Dr. Fraser Smith, takes typical brain training a step further than simply preventing or treating memory loss. This all-inclusive how-to guide also covers mental speed, visual-spatial acuity, language acquisition, sensory growth and motor skills. In addition to helping recover brain function, the 150 brain exercises and puzzles will also help prevent the loss of brain function due to aging and neurological disease. Nutrition, too, is front and center with extensive brain food lists, menu plans and more than 100 delicious and easy recipes.


 The Complete Prebiotic and Probiotic Health Guide


Prebiotics and probiotics are vitally important when it comes to maintaining a healthy gut and optimal health and wellness. The Complete Prebiotic & Probiotic Health Guide, by Dr. Maitreyi Raman, helps readers understand the relationship between the two, their impact on health and the significant role diet plays in maintaining optimal levels of bacteria. It also provides recommendations on how to practice biotic-balanced living through diet. There are also 175 tempting recipes that make the transition to a healthy diet easy and delicious.


 the complete wild game cookbook


In The Complete Wild Game Cookbook, Chef Jean-Paul Grappe explains, from forest to table, how to make the most of wild game. Full of information about game birds and animals, the cookbook also introduces readers to wild plants that pair well with suggested dishes, along with recipes for gravies, broths, marinades and glazes. The 165 recipes also feature tips on how to use the flesh and giblets of game, as well as wine-pairing suggestions, information on various cuts of meat and general terms used in butchery. This primer is valuable for anyone already familiar with game and for home cooks who are just discovering wild game for the first time.


 The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook- 200 Recipes for Wellness


Not just for vegetarians or yogis, The Essential Ayurvedic Cookbook, by Lois Leonhardi, is designed to meet the needs of mainstream western socierty with recipes that appeal to discriminating palates while also addressing the needs for non-vegetarian, vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free individuals. The approach is flexible, fun and easy. With time-saving make-ahead suggestions, readers will be whipping up delicious, healthy meals on a regular basis. Prior knowledge of Ayurveda is not required. Using an intuitive approach, readers are taught to understand the essential principles of Ayurveda, making implementation effortless.


 vintage home


Antiques and vintage furniture expert Judith Miller has turned her trained eye to finding the most noteworthy vintage pieces from the last century in her new book, Vintage Home: Using 20th-century Design in the Contemporary Home. This book features hundreds of photos of vintage furniture in contemporary settings, as well as handy value keys which show the price of the objects featured. It also includes an extensive directory of the designers and makers of the furniture and accessories featured, as well as suppliers and sources for where to buy them. Readers will also learn about the most important periods in the development of 20th century furniture design.

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