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Book Reviews Nov 2010

The Carb Lovers Diet

The Carb Lovers Diet: Eat What You Love, Get Slim for Life features the step-by-step 7-day Carb Lovers Kickstart Plan, which was developed by registered dieticians on the Health staff and in clinical practice. Testing on real women shows it helps lose up to six pounds — fast, with no hunger and almost no effort. The next stage is the 21-day Carb Immersion Plan, which eases you into a life of delicious, carb-filled meals and snacks while continuing to lose weight and keep it off.

Carb Lovers features 75 simple recipes, all developed and tested in the Health kitchens, as well as quick bites, convenience foods and restaurant choices.


Dropping ACID: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure

Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure has been a work in progress for 25 years. Dr. Koufman and Dr. Stern, two doctors at the very forefront of reflux research, took everything they knew from years of study and treating patients to construct a new paradigm for the causes, prevention and treatment of acid reflux.

With the new understanding about how diet affects reflux, the doctors enlisted the help of French Master Chef Marc Bauer to create a delicious diet of 75 recipes that utilize the good foods and avoids the bad. The result is one of the world’s healthiest and most sustainable diets that integrates science, medicine and culinary art in a bold, new way.


Japanese Home Cooking With Master Chef Murata

World-celebrated chef Yoshihior Murata diverts from the haute cuisine that made him famous around the globe with his book, Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata. In this cookbook, Murata demonstrates the simplicity and ease of preparing healthy, traditional Japanese meals without sacrificing quality of ingredients and beauty of presentation.

In Japanese Home Cooking, Murata shows how easy and fun it can be to make tasty, popular Japanese dishes from scratch, with 60 recipes ranging from traditional meats like beef teriyaki and rice balls to restaurant favorites like yakitori.

All of the dishes featured in his book can be made using Western kitchen tools and ingredients readily available in the supermarket.


The Sewing Answer Book

The Sewing Answer Book by Barbara Weiland Talbert is the perfect portable teacher for everyone, from beginners turning on the sewing machine, to experienced sewers seeking tips on how to embellish a blouse with tiny pin tucks.

This friendly, reassuring resource answers questions and solves problems with a turn of the page. The question and answer format makes it easy to quickly find the information needed.

From home dec to high fashion, setting in sleeves to making perfect button holes, using patterns to putting in zippers, The Sewing Answer Book has it all. Tips, charts and diagrams ensure that every answer is thoroughly explained.


Stay for Lunch

Anne Goodwin, author of Stay for Lunch, never thought that following her intuition one day would change her life. Goodwin, in a mental fog still reeling from her grandmother’s death and a miscarriage, came across a car accident one morning. Instinctively she stopped to assist one of the drivers and made the unexpected acquaintance of 86-year-old Francina.

The two formed a close friendship that spanned a decade until Francina’s passing in 2000. Stay for Lunch is a poignant memoir revealing life lessons Anne shared along the way with Francina.


Back on Murder

Author J. Mark Bertrand ushers readers into the stark and dangerous reality of a modern-day Houston homicide detective with the release of his solo debut novel, Back on Murder, bringing to life the city of Houston in a way that few have done before. With a style that is gritty and incisive, Bertrand firmly joins the company of such reader favorites as Steven James, Michael Connelly, Tim Downs and George Pelecanos.


Sacred Places of a Lifetime

Sacred Places of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Peaceful and Powerful Destinations is an inspirational gift book that showcases 500 of the world’s most powerful and spiritual places — and guides modern-day travelers who wish to visit them.

With eloquent text and hundreds of rich illustrations displayed in lavish, large format, Sacred Places of a Lifetime is poised to catch the attention of this rapidly growing market. From prehistoric burial chambers to modern monuments and sanctuaries, the book highlights the most fascinating icons of many religions and offers an intriguing window into the cultures that created them.


The Last of the Imperious Rich

In The Last of the Imperious Rich: Lehman Brothers, 1844-2008, author Peter Chapman examines the firm’s full history and uncovers the decisions that started Lehman down the dangerous path that would eventually lead to its demise.

His sweeping narrative covers the company’s unique place in American business — from the days when German immigrant Henry Lehman started a cotton brokering firm in Alabama, to the moment when Dick Fuld filed for corporate bankruptcy amid one of the worst financial crises in history.

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