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Book Reviews October 2016



Shoes have the power both to fascinate men and women and to crystallize a moment in fashion. In Vogue: The Shoe by Harriet Quick, with a foreword by Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of British Vogue, Quick has curated more than 300 fabulous images from a century of British Vogue along with incisive commentary. Photos are grouped into five thematic chapters: dazzliing Cinderella heels; Town & Country classics; Cult Style inspiration; the escapism of Summer Dreaming and the extreme heels of Fetish and Fantasia. The book is as glam as the shoes on its pages.




Bay Area textile artist and professor Sasha Duerr has made a name for herself in her work with plant-based dyes. In her new lushly photographed book, Natural Color, Duerr explores the full spectrum of seasonal plant dyes, using everyday plants as a color library. This book will inspire plant-lovers, artists, foodies and everyone else who wants to bring more color into their life, whether a beginning or experienced dyer. Readers will find seasonal achievable projects with easy-to-follow recipes for everything from dresses, scarves and hats to rugs, napkins and table runners.




Crochet One-Skein Wonders for Babies celebrates the small treasures of children: tiny socks that are saved for a lifetime; cozy hats and adorable outfits that are passed down from sibling to sibling; and precious stuffed toys that provide so many snuggles –– all of the items that are even more cherished when crocheted by a loved one. With 101 patterns for clothing as well as blankets, toys and accessories, this book offers crafters guidance to create pieces with just one skein of yarn. Editors Judith Durant and Edie Eckman filled the book with photography, helpful charts and ideas for timeless heirlooms.




Who needs a large garden when a landscape can be created in a single pot, or an entire ecosystem in a glass terrarium? Miniature Garden Grower, by Holly Farrell, shares how to create tiny gardens that bring big rewards. The projects are divided into five styles, each starting with the basic principles behind that style of garden n and followed with a few snippets of simple plant science and practical advice. These teeny-tiny gardens take very little time to plant and are a great option for a rainy-day activity. Many also have the added advantage of being instantly complete and mature, making them great gifts.




In The Do Over, world champion swimmer Karlyn Pipes shares her inspiring comeback story that will motivate people of all ages to face their personal challenges, open themselves to new possibilities and pursue their greatest dreams. With unlimited potential and imminent success ahead of her, she turned her back on the sport and instead dove head first into the throes of alcoholism. However, at age 31, she found the courage to turn her life around by returning to the water to heal. Hers is a story of recovery, hope and second chances. The Do Over is a beneath-the-surface look at a remarkable, odds-defying comeback –– not just in the pool, but in life.




Not much beats the flavor of home-milled flours, and the huge variety of grains available today means that an array of versatile flavors from around the world is at your disposal –– not to mention the savings. As well, home-milled flours are more nutritious, offering potential health benefits. Whether you’re new to milling or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to be amazed and delighted by the wealth of information in The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book by Sue Becker. Easy-to-follow instructions for the milling process and 100 recipes for tasty treats –– including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan recipes –– make this the definitive book for baking enthusiasts.

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