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Home Sweet Home

I. N. Goar House, Rosenberg, ca. 1910

An important sign of prosperity in 19th and early 20th century Fort Bend County was the construction of a home. Houses sprang up throughout the county in towns, on farms and on ranches as residents made the most out of the land or succeeded in other business enterprises. Some of the homes were simple structures while others were fancy one- or two-story Victorian mansions. Sometimes, as fortunes increased, homes were renovated or expanded. Other families moved to bigger and better houses when they outgrew the homes in which they lived. Still others stayed in the same house for generations. Regardless of size or style, these early houses were places where families were raised, success was enjoyed, and memories were made.

Photos and historical facts courtesy of the Fort Bend County Museum Association, Richmond, Tx

Phillippi House, Rosenberg, ca. 1916

J. T. Dyer House, Richmond, 1900

T. B. Wessendorff House, Richmond, 1909

House in Fort Bend County, ca. 1927

McNabb House, Richmond

J. M. Kovar House, Fairchilds

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