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Inspiring Movement

In the not so distant past, Carol Meyer lived in pain. Once a professional ballerina, Carol missed the landing on a routine ballet jump and aggravated her spine. She elected for surgery to relieve the pain of her injuries.

“What a mistake,” she admits. The surgery was disastrous; her neurosurgeon said her back had aged 10 additional years, so she had the procedure reversed. “It’s hard to believe that only 3-1/2 years ago I had 16 screws and metal rods in my back and every part of my body movement was limited due to osteoarthritis resulting from my surgery,” says Carol.

Six years later, now 56 years old, Carol has emerged from a life defined by debilitating sciatica, slipped disc and a pinched nerve into a high-performance exercise enthusiast who works out more than three hours daily. How did the transformation occur? Carol’s experience as a ballerina embedded within her the knowledge that body can be healed through movement. “Movement creates healing and joy,” Carol explains. She embarked upon a quest to discover efficient movement, healing and wellness.

While at a Pilates studio, she saw a Gyrotonic Pulley Tower for the first time. As soon as the mechanics of the machine and methodology were explained to her she knew at once that this was her path.

“I noticed something special the first time I experienced the GYROTONIC® method,” Carol beams. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She continues, “Supported by hand-crafted equipment, your muscles and joints find an organic, fluid strength in spiraling movement and measured opposition. The work never binds your muscles to a strict form, but encourages them to move freely in space. When your workout is over, you are not exhausted, but feel revitalized and energized, flexible yet strengthened, integrated and even taller!”

Other practitioners agree, the Gyrotonic exercises are unlike anything they have ever experienced. They say it is the most intelligent and comprehensive fitness approach they have ever experienced. They claim the system heals the spine and limbs, opens the energy centers and safely increases range of motion in the joints while building endurance and power. Carol concurs, “When I began Gyrotonic classes (with Linda Stobart at Bodycirque in Sugar Land) in 2008, I couldn’t lean forward on the bench or even move my body from side-to-side.  It took six months to work up to the Pulley Tower machine.” Carol credits Stobart with rehabilitating her spine.

Today, Carol is one of the area’s first certified GYROTONIC® instructors. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a three-dimensional spiraling-toning system that she believes is central to her physical turn-around. She credits the exercise program in helping renew her movement and spirit.

“Every day I thank God for giving me the healing I prayed for. I prayed for healing, so that I might help others.” She continues, “While Pilates aligned my body and helped me to gain strength, it was GYROTONIC® that opened the energetic pathways that were blocked by emotional trauma and stagnation. GYROTONIC® works from the inside out. It helped me find new movement patterns, use breathing and healing regeneration to find increased circulation in my body.”

Developed by Juliu Horvath, a Romanian gymnast, dancer and swimmer about 20 years ago, Gyrotonic exercises relieve all kinds of pain and works on every biological system of the body while moving the body in every conceivable plane of motion. Practitioners develop self- and body-awareness through a series of spinal motions and stretches. Then a specially designed pulley tower is used to address a sequence of exercises that work the arch/curl of the spine, the hamstrings, the upper body and abdominals, the legs and the upper body — specifically the shoulder girdle.

Benefitting people of all ages and body types, it is invaluable for the physically challenged; athletes, such as gymnasts, runners, golfers and tennis players; professional dancers; people in rehabilitation after injuries; and others with scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis and diseases of the central nervous system. Well-known in the international dance community, GYROTONIC® has been featured on Regis and Kelly and The Rachael Ray Show.

“Because of my own healing journey, I am very sensitive to what others experience and can totally relate to what they’re going through,” said Meyer. “I’m helping clients increase their range of motion, alleviate pain and lessen the severity of neuromuscular difficulties. My motivation for pursuing certification was to motivate others to keep on moving.” Therapeutic assistance is given during each exercise, feeling much like a massage, she explained.

Meyer currently holds classes bi-weekly for seniors at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church and conducts private lessons in Katy, Houston (Pilates Concepts) and Sugar Land (Bodycirque) by appointment. Her goal is to help others on their own personal quest to healing. “I believe that if we listen to our bodies and respond, that God’s energy and healing will flow through every part of us. GYROTONIC® is simply the tool He has given me, and I find joy in sharing it with others!”

For further information or an appointment, contact Carol Meyer, Inspiring Movement instructor/practitioner, cmeyer9@comcast.net.

Carol works with a student by placing her into an arch on the handle unit. This movement is from the arch and curl series of Gyrotonic exercises.

Carol and her student demonstrate overhead circles in the upper body opening series.

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