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Missouri City Recycling Program


Municipal Solid Waste Program Helps Keep The “Show Me City” Clean And Green

There are multiple social, environmental and economic benefits associated with recycling. Missouri City households that participate in the Municipal Solid Waste Program are encouraged to utilize the WCA Waste Corp. single-stream curbside recycling service by placing all recyclables in the 65-gallon gray carts.

Acceptable items include: loose paper, newspapers, magazines, corrugated and boxboard cardboard, steel and tin cans, aluminum containers and household plastics #1 to #7 (materials are not required to be bagged). Glass is not recycled at this time; however it may be placed in the 95-gallon blue receptacle for regular trash. Pizza boxes should also be disposed of as regular trash due to the oil on the boxes.

Also, remember it is important to assure the recycling items are clean. “If In Doubt, Leave It Out,” as one spilled item could contaminate the rest of the recyclables as well. Keeping bins clean is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Never place food or liquid in your recycle bin
  • Never place plastic bags or wraps in the recycling bin
  • No foam products in the recycling bin

The City’s single-stream recycling initiative is part of staff’s proactive plan to assure citizens receive the most efficient and economical services available.

Part of the process involves strategic surveys. The first audit was conducted last August at the six month mark of service with WCA and reflected the City had a residue rate (incoming contamination and processing residuals) of 40.5 percent; a high incidence of bagged recyclables which can impact efficiencies as they need to be pulled and inspected; and a high disposal level of unacceptable scrap metal.

In response, staff met with WCA and Missouri City Green, the area’s Keep Texas Beautiful Affiliate to discuss the findings and formulate solutions, including community events/outreach and recycling education campaigns involving the citizens communications tools and media outlets.

A second survey is planned in the coming months to identify improvements that have been made in reducing residue and increasing the various types of recyclables that are acceptable.

To learn more about the Municipal Solid Waste Program, which covers more than 93 percent of area homes, visit the City’s website: missouricitytx.gov or call 281-403-5800.


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