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Scene in the Bend: Cari Middaugh
July 2017

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Child Advocates of Fort Bend Le Cirque Gala

The CAFB Le Cirque Gala was in full swing – literally! The evening included professional aerialists, child dancers, vibrant colors, crazy costumes, a wine pull, furs, jewelry, an extensive silent auction and much more! More than 600 guests bid on live auction items including trips to Mexico, Costa Rica and Breckenridge, a vertical flight of California Cult wine, and a private party for scotch and wine tasting. The room was packed, the aerobatics were amazing, the décor was beautiful and a lot of money was raised for children who have been abused and neglected!

Child-Advocates-of-Fort-Bend-Le-Cirque-Gala Child-Advocates-of-Fort-Bend-Le-Cirque-Gala1

1) Child Advocates of Fort Bend CEO Ruthanne Mefford, Board President Jim Lockwood and emcee Michele Fisher

2) Subodh and Sonal Bhuchar

3) Dr. Bracken and Joana Kolle

4) Bob and Carole Brown

5) Terry Norwood, Cynthia Barratt, Vicky Norwood and Nat Adkins

6) Farha Ahmed, Himesh Gandhi and Nancy Zimmerman, First Lady of Sugar Land

7) State Representative Pete Olson, The Honorable Judge Bob Hebert and Nancy Olson

8) Jane and Frank Yonish

9) Billy and Hydee Corbin

10) Heather Rashid and Lauren Jordin

Photos Courtesy of Mary Favre,

Liz Furman and Lucy Cruz


Literacy Council of Fort Bend Volunteer Appreciation

The Literacy Council of Fort Bend County’s Program Committee and Board of Directors held the 2017 Volunteer Appreciation event, underwritten by Comcast, celebrating volunteers and community partners on Thursday, April 26 at Quail Valley City Center. More than 100 of the agency’s volunteer tutors, event volunteers and community partners joined the agency’s staff in honor of volunteers with a year or more of service. The annual Jan Schiff Scholarship Winner is also announced and recognized at the event. The 2017 Jan Schiff Scholarship Recipient Emma L. shared her story of coming to the United States, how she learned of the Literacy Council and her plans to use her scholarship towards her college endeavors. The Literacy Council of Fort Bend County would like to congratulate Emma for her outstanding work.

Literacy-Council-of-Fort-Bend-Volunteer-Appreciation Literacy-Council-of-Fort-Bend-Volunteer-Appreciation1 Literacy-Council-of-Fort-Bend-Volunteer-Appreciation3

1) Vito Susca and Emma L., Literacy Council of Fort Bend County 2017 Jan Schiff Scholarship Recipient

2) David Timmermeyer and Helen Bow

3) Rosemary Jackson

4) Priya Rebba, Monika Prakash, and Mona Fogt

5) Colleen Mayer and Virginia Kennedy

6) Standing: Doug Chin, Mary Jackson, Suzanne Mottin, Dianne McDonald, Rosemary Jones. Seated: Sheila Dubey

Photos courtesy of Literacy Council of Fort Bend



Hats, Gloves and Boutonniéres Spring Brunch Benefit

The 14th Annual Hats, Gloves and Boutonnières Fort Bend Spring Brunch raised nearly $51,000 (more than double its goal!) during an exciting and colorful occasion. The festive fete, chaired by Fort Bend residents Susie Goff and Susan Novasad, took place on May 8 at the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center – A Very Special Project of the Children’s Museum of Houston. More than 200 guests attended the event which is known for its extravagant and ornate hats. Hats, Gloves and Boutonnières benefits the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center and outreach efforts for children in Fort Bend County.

Hats,-Gloves-and-Boutonniéres-Spring-Brunch-Benefit Hats,-Gloves-and-Boutonniéres-Spring-Brunch-Benefit1

1) Amanda Wisian and Jessica Jubin

2) Ann Smith, Nell Ciancarelli, JoAnn Eagleton, Betty Baitland, Bridget Yeung

3) Chair Susie Goff

4) Co-Chair Susan Novasad with daughter Tiffany Ley

5) Diana Null and daughter Tracy Pipes

6) Debbie Gamble, Judy Kisner and Lynn Halford

7) Rose Hinz, Londa Rourick, Nancy Olson and Debbie Marcell

8) Jamie Harris, Tiffany Ley and Jenn Sadler

9) Jan Bartholomew and Chair Susie Goff

10) Lisa Wood, Karen Liles,

Debbie Fash, Julie Falcon and Kim Kelly

11) Nancy Olson and Ruthane Mefford

12) Farrah Gandhi and Sonal Bhuchar

Photos courtesy of Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center



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