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Success in Academics and on the Field Propels Luke Metzer

Luke Metzer will graduate this spring from Dulles High School, where he has excelled in athletic, dramatic and academic pursuits. (Photo - Mara Soloway)

Luke Metzer will graduate this spring from Dulles High School, where he has excelled in athletic, dramatic and academic pursuits. (Photo – Mara Soloway)


Luke as quarterback for the Dulles Vikings varsity football team. (Photo – Michele Guilbeau)

Colorado School Of Mines Rewards This Multifaceted Senior With A Scholarship

By Mara Soloway

Luke Metzer doesn’t want to hear his friends talk about taking a gap year before their first year of college. The 18-year-old senior at Dulles High School barely even takes a gap minute in an average day. He likes to keep busy, which explains how he manages his many academic accomplishments that include All District Academics and three AP classes; his athletic accomplishments, including a successful last year as varsity quarterback and playing on the varsity baseball team; his artistic accomplishments (Thespian Honors Society, varsity choir and the a cappella group Viking Vibes); volunteering for the Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL) program; and a part-time job as an USA Softball umpire.

His talents as the Dulles High Vikings quarterback since sophomore year – including 5,485 total passing yards, 52 touchdowns and 398 pass completions – earned him an opportunity to play football at the Colorado School of Mines next fall.

Despite all he has on his plate, he doesn’t let stress get to him. Luke’s guidance counselor, Danna Geist, feels that he handles all the stress points of being an active high school senior really well. “A lot of kids put stress on themselves for grades, especially this time of year, with trying to get into college. Luke holds it together and doesn’t let it get to him too much,” she said. “He’s amazing.”

Some credit for Luke’s being so grounded goes to having lived in same house in Sugar Land his whole life with his family, parents Stephnie and Dave, and his 16-year-old-sister Sarah who is a junior at Dulles. His maternal grandmother recently moved in with the family. His proud mom says she loves everything about Luke. “What amazes me most is that he is so very comfortable in his own skin. It does not matter what he is doing, he exudes confidence. Luke has a strong faith and tremendous compassion that I believe will only continue to grow,” Stephnie said.

He has developed a wide variety of talents but doesn’t care to categorize them as left- and right-brained. And don’t call him a Renaissance man – he doesn’t like it. Luke happens to really like a lot of things and is naturally good at them. And he is modest about it all.

“When I’m in my musical mode, I love that just as much as when I’m on the football field. I’ve been lucky and blessed enough to be able to do them, and I have fun doing it, so why not,” he said.

Luke has played sports for as long as he can remember. “I had a baseball and football in my hand probably since I could walk.” He said his final high school football season was a great way to go out, especially with so many seniors on the team. He’s optimistic about the team’s future due to the abilities of the younger players.

Athletic director and head football coach J. L. Geist was impressed with Luke at their very first conversation. And while he calls Luke a good quarterback and a good overall athlete, what impresses him the most is how Luke operates off the field. “He obviously has the natural athletic abilities but added to that is his work ethic and leadership ability,” Geist said.

Geist feels Luke’s participation in Fort Bend ISD’s 2016 Leadership 101 class really shows. “He has the ability to understand the intricacies of being a good leader. He was elected team captain by his teammates. He understood what everybody did on every play, helped everyone play at the level they were supposed to.”

During the school’s theater production in January of the musical Little Mermaid, Luke played King Triton. In the previous two years, he had played human characters, playing several roles in Seussical his sophomore year and the lead in High School Musical in his junior year. Luke found it hard at first to find his inner King Triton. Blake Minor, Dulles’ theatre director, has seen Luke grow as a performer during the productions. “This year is his best role, King Triton. Luke embraced the entire character from body to voice,” said Minor. “He has gained more confidence as a performer and has taken to helping other actors find their characters.”

Theater director and student council sponsor Melanie Burke agreed that he was great in the role and added, “Luke is kind, generous, hardworking and humble. He wants everyone to do well.”

It’s impressive to find someone who is young and yet understands that time is a gift to be used wisely. “If I choose to do all the things I have to do, then I have to figure out a way to make it all fit. It’s like a puzzle,” Luke said. His mastery of the art of time management is helped by his calm inner strength and work ethic. “I don’t get stressed and a big part of that is I don’t waste time – I’m always doing something. I feel that if you use the time you have wisely you can get your stuff done,” he said.

After his last varsity baseball season and graduation, Luke has one last summer before he starts studying and playing football at Colorado School of Mines. With the ease and common sense with which he approaches life, he has his college and professional careers planned. One definite reason for him choosing Colorado School of Mines is its strong engineering program. He will pursue a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in biomedical, then perhaps pursue a master’s. “I want to major in biomedical engineering because I can directly help people. I want to develop medical equipment, and I know the medical field is always advancing and becoming more efficient.”

Blake Minor affirms the feelings of many who know this multifaceted young man. “Luke is one of the most respectful and kind students I have ever met,” the theater director said. “Luke has an extremely bright future, and I look forward to seeing where he will go from here.”

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